Flagship Resources is a proven energy service company.

About Us

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    Founded in 2010 under the leadership of Jim Baccus with over 40 years experience in the upstream, midstream and downstream segments of the oil and gas industry.

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    Established in working in O&G exploration, crude oil refining, supply management, regulatory management, logistics, operations, transportation logistics and marketing & trading.

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    Experienced in renewable fuels, feedstocks, and prospects concept originator, projects and technology facilitator, feedstock supplier, supply source and products marketer.



In completed supply and transportation transactions since 2010

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One of the first companies to export ULSD by rail into Mexico in 2015


Trusted manager to receive prepayments from Mexican customers for a US supply provider for truck export

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Instrumental in the construction of a 50,000 b/d crude refinery on the Gulf Coast in 2019


  • Registered Supplier (Activity Code S) under the IRS 637 Excise Tax Registration Program which allows Flagship to buy, sell, and transport taxable motor fuels in the US and for export.
  • State of Texas licensed wholesale distributor of motor fuels
  • Approved finished products shipper on Colonial and Magellan pipeline systems
  • Approved “walk up”, or non-committed, shipper on various crude pipeline systems that transport crude to the Gulf Coast from West Texas, Oklahoma, and North Dakota.