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Waste Plastic icon

Waste Plastic Pyrolysis

  • Feedstock: Mixed Waste Plastics (MWP)
  • Size: 400 tpd
  • Product: Pyrolysis Oil (PyOil)
  • Market: Ethylene crackers
  • Estimated Capex TIC: $350MM
Renewable Fuels icon

Renewable Fuels

  • Feedstock: Tallows, cooking oils, bio-mass/bio-waste
  • Size: 6500 bpd
  • Product: RD, RJ
  • Market: Railroads, airlines, trucks
  • Estimated Capex TIC: $325MM
Wood Mass icon

Wood Mass Gasification

  • Feedstock: Wood Mass
  • Size: 1000 tpd
  • Product: SNG/RNG, renewable gasoline
  • Market: Gas powered utilities, CNG
  • Estimated Capex TIC: $340MM
Natural Gas icon

Protein from Natural Gas

  • Feedstock: Natural gas, oxygen, ammonia
  • Size: 12500 tpd
  • Product: Protein granules
  • Market: Short life animal feed (cattle, poultry, hogs)
  • Estimated Capex TIC: $65MM